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Our Xbox One Review of Yonder I always like to get my hands on a title that I know absolutely nothing about. I come across a lot of games that I`ve heard about in some aspect and know what I`m looking at, but there are times that I come across a game that I haven’t ..

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Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles – Xbox One Review

Our Xbox One Review of Yonder

I always like to get my hands on a title that I know absolutely nothing about. I come across a lot of games that I`ve heard about in some aspect and know what I`m looking at, but there are times that I come across a game that I haven’t heard or seen anything of, and I personally quite like that. It means going in open minded and not knowing what to expect at all. Over the past few weeks, I`ve had the chance to get my hands on a new title, and it comes in the form of Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. How was it going to do, however? I must say, I`m quite enjoying it.

Yonder is developed by Prideful Sloth and published by Merge Games, and is an open-world style adventure game. Taking on the central character (Which you have a good range to choose from btw, the first customizable option within the game) you are thrown into the world of Gemea, and the several different regions throughout Gemea that occupy it. As you walk through the world of Gemea you`ll be tasked with talking to a range of people and completing a range of quests, whilst also trying to clear Gemea of the dark, substance Murk which occupies throughout Gemea, blocking your route through and making things a bit difficult. How do you clear Murk? It`s not as simple as perhaps you`d like it to be, as throughout the game you`ll collect creatures known as Sprites to help clear the murk. Each Murk location will require several sprites to clear, and you collect the Sprites throughout the game. I found that the more I was exploring through and completing quests, the more I was finding throughout the game, and you`ll find that they`ll come naturally if you play through, because you`ll end up taking a while trying to find them given, they are not the easiest to locate. There are a range of different quests in each area of Gemea, and although some of them do feel slightly repetitive, I did find myself enjoying the quests and going through them. Instructions are given in the top corner of your game and your mini HUD will be a key feature, as everything will be directed, meaning that it`s not going to be something that`s too challenging.

What I love about open-world games, and perhaps sometimes is the distraction from the main quest and story within the game, is the ability to interact with everything and do other things aside from the main quest, such as side missions and other tasks. You`ll be able to chop down trees for wood, and replant trees throughout Gemea, and trade with other characters for items that you may need for quests to complete. Collecting as much as you work through Gemea will prove beneficial later, especially when it comes to trading and crafting.

I`m enjoying it, but is it going to offer much challenge? The answer is most likely no. I mentioned earlier that some of the quests are repetitive because they feel like they follow the same sort of quest pattern, meaning that once you`ve done a few earlier on you`ll know what to expect, because rarely are you going to across a quest that`s going to offer too much of a challenge. The most challenging part of the game is probably going to be finding the Sprites to help you clear the Murk, and even then, it`s not as difficult. What is the target audience for Yonder? If it`s aimed at Kids, I can understand as it` s a fun open-world title that offers a good range to do, in terms of quests and exploration and trading, but if you`re after something that`s going to offer much in terms of difficulty or challenge, then don’t go expecting too much here. But, it is a fun title that you will get enjoyment out of, especially for the first few hours, although after the repetitive quests throughout, how long some people will find that enjoyment will remain to be seen.

Yonder offer a beautiful surrounding however, and I really like the approach they`ve taken with it. The game is Xbox One X enhanced too, and it looks and sounds nice. Some of the colours throughout Gemea look amazing. And, the game is also an Xbox Play Anywhere title meaning that if you`ve got a PC or a laptop capable of playing games, you`re going to be able to play both on console and PC.

Yonder is a game that I`m enjoying. It is a game that isn`t going to be for everyone, by all means, but if you enjoy open-world games, then you`re going to enjoy this in some element. There`s a lot to explore and collect throughout, but just don’t go expecting anything too challenging, although that may well be a good thing for some people. Overall, Yonder is a game I`m enjoying and the development team at Prideful Sloth have done quite a decent job.

Developer: Prideful Sloth
Publisher: Merge Games Ltd
Website: Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles
Twitter: @PridefulSloth @MergeGamesLtd / @YonderChronicle

Price: £24.99

Review code supplied by Merge Games

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